Friday, June 18, 2010

Massive head-ache and tired-ness

It seems.
I've wasted every second.
of my life.
or i should call it.
every second of my study period.
Being a someone.
in an association.
Though my heart says.
yes i do love It.
But rationality and brain say.
yes you are putting TOO much attention on It.
But then,
spending Time with friends.
doing THESE stuffs,
is SO MUCH fun.
and i love this SHIT so much.

Next week, brain will start working on
Gosh, i'm meant for CRIM A



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Song for the soul

As i was listening to some songs just now,i listened to the Chaya Hati by Opick.I've been listening to it for quite sometime since i transferred the file into my phone. It's a song for my soul and it's a song for your souls too (:

p/s things are getting more and more difficult and challenging from day to day. i'm learning how to be mature and hope i can become one.

Allah engkau dekat penuh kasih sayang
Takkan pernah engkau biarkan hamba-Mu menangis
Karna kemurahan-Mu
Karna kasih sayang-Mu

Hanya bila diri-Mu
Ingin nyatakan cinta
Pada jiwa yang rela dia kekasih-Mu
Kau selalu terjaga yang memberi segala

Allah Rahman Allah Rahim
Allahu Ya Ghafar Ya Nurul Qolbi
Allah Rohman Allah Rahim
Allahu Ya Ghafar Ya Nurul Qolbi

Di setiap nafas di segala waktu
Semua bersujud memuji memuja asma-Mu
Kau yang selalu terjaga yang memberi segala

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you Karen Armstrong.