Friday, May 28, 2010

Way too much & pretty weird thing

Aloha! this is just a bit update for the day (thursday 27 Mei 2010)
Had a contemporary issue tute this morning ~.~ talked about the Hayek principle. which one is better; Liberalism or Conservatism. but i said we take BOTH! and again, talk about different values existed in the world (it can sometimes co-exist in many societies)...lets take an example, stated in most religions 'treat people nicely and with respect' or 'treat people the way you want to be treated'...
This is one of the values that each one of us share regardless of our religions or races.

and we did talked about Hijab in islamic countries and why cant people wear bikini in the muslim countries ... (which later they sum up that u'll be chased out of the countries if u wear Bikinis!) Well, this is not a conclusion O people! This is accusation! Then, i say, think rationally, when u come to the muslim countries, u dont wear bikinis or watsoever there because you have to respect their values, it's not that they will kill you or somethg.Glad they said Yes.. fuhh! well this is exactly not a good explanation. Think critically ain!

Another thing, well i think being a conservative radical country is the best! keeping existed values and morality among the people and cautiously accept a change are very appealing to me. meaning to say, in my opinion, this is the best way to achieve a good government and maintain harmony in a country. Take examples such as Uk, Australia or even Malaysia itself. We do embrace changes, however cautiously, for a positive progression of the people and the country! XD

p/s bad english used for this post due to undue influences from bed and it looks really appealing too... zzz
bye !

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Only For "Dreamers whose Aspirations are discouraged by Reality."


If you happen to have this instinct, you will realize that nobody can fake in front of you and you can see through things that not everyone can see.

The good about it is you always have ideas that not everyone can conceive, which is of great help to realize your dreams. Creativity is your greatest asset, if there is someone out there who question you, and laugh at you because of your dreams, do not get disheartened. Be confident. Follow your own way.

However, bear in mind that you will not be always at the advantaged position, because unethical opportunists stand in your way. Do learn to deal with this type of people. It's not wrong to take necessary precautions against such people, but with one rule: As long as no harm is caused to anybody.

And if you happen to be seen as a nobody although you know you are somebody, do not feel discouraged. You are not seen as somebody because you are humble and do not like to show off. Remember, it is not wrong to speak up and show your skill as long as you do not belittle others. And beware of people who do that because if you do not, you will find yourself being unfairly portrayed.

Sometimes people may find you weird or strange. Let me tell you this. You are not weird. People find you weird because they simply do not understand you. It's not their fault for not being able to understand you. And it's not your fault either. You are just not ordinary.

This note was actually wrote by Ong Wei Jie, a friend of mine. He will always be my english tutor, like forever!
Wei Jie, i love all your words!!! must confess this =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Song for the soul

InsyaAllah... for those who are seeking for something or somewhat lost in his journey, or even waiting for something, or thinking and wishing for good thing to happen in his life, will come to you later either the way u want it to be or the way you are not expecting, as Allah(swt) says “(such is) the promise of Allah, never does Allah fail in His promise” [Al Qur’an 39:20] and in another verse “The promise of Allah is true, and He is Exalted in Power, Wise.” [Al Qur’an 31:9]

Self preparations O yeah!

Aloha my lovely blog, sorry i've left you to rot, I was busy and working hardly.
...and hardly working =) ...haha

Hye again people, let's get started. Last Sunday at about 7 in the morning, my AirAsia X plane landed smoothly in Gold Coast. Well, i dont think i should describe how 'comfortable' i was in the plane since i'm paying for a low fare plane ticket (there goes with the services, foods, facilities etc...i'm being ungrateful here lol) But overall, thank God i arrived here safely to start a new chapter of life as a student and a learner.

Ever since i'm living here in Gold Coast, i have always think that Gold Coast is a nice place to live or even yes, to visit. It has almost everything here. The Sun, the coldness and the beauty of nature.
So, lectures started in the next day, Monday with the COntemporary issue in Law and SOciety lecture in the morning, Tuesday i was free since no tutorials scheduled in the first week, Wednesday i had 1 lecture and Thursdays, i had 2 lectures and 1 tute.

Glad to say, i am happy to be in those lectures and tute because i love the lecturers and the stuffs we will have to study later in these courses.
I bought 3 textbooks for 2 subjects and tomorrow, will hardly trying to find another one for the Law of Obligation.

Don't worry i have not started to read these books thoroughly because i do not really have the time. But don't get me started cause i really like this shit X) Say good luck to me reading it!

Tortious Liability with Jo. Heard Jo is a strict marker. Glad i'm not in your class Jo. But i'm with Richard and i know him very well and he's a strict marker also so i bet i could not run away from these kinda people XD

CRIM A with Suzie. Suzie please be nice to me.. like really!

I also bought notebook for writing things i heard or discussed in tutes.

Well that is some sort of what happened this week and will keep in touch with you in the coming weeks...i Hope so coz i am freaking busy XD

Orait, that's all for this post. More to come. Thanks. Bye

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Up where we belong =)


miss you malaysia !

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy mother's day, mom!

Happy mother's day mom! Life would not be perfect and as nice and comfortable like i have now if i do not have u around... I'm very happy to see u smiling and laughing throughout the days i'm in malaysia. Though the time spent in Malaysia was meant to be a holiday but i ended up 'fulfilling' my responsibility to my family. hahah isn't that great! nah, i don't mind and most importantly, i redha!

yah, i attached some photos for the mother's day celebration with my mum and family.
Ijah came up with her great great genius plan to buy flowers for my mum! so, i just bought it =)))))

Monday, May 03, 2010

Quran at your fingertips

I was reading my friend's blog lately and i found some sites which we can use to download information. For example, there's this one link to download Quran with english translation. It is provided with Tajwid as a guide (we could also download it), and the reading of the Quran itself.

It really useful if we needed guide to learn Quran or to strengthen our reading. And most important, to make sure Quran is always with us just like your Notebook! So, u have no reason from not reading Quran my dear! =)

Screen shot

Plus, as i said u can download the Tajwid Quran and more at