Friday, May 28, 2010

Way too much & pretty weird thing

Aloha! this is just a bit update for the day (thursday 27 Mei 2010)
Had a contemporary issue tute this morning ~.~ talked about the Hayek principle. which one is better; Liberalism or Conservatism. but i said we take BOTH! and again, talk about different values existed in the world (it can sometimes co-exist in many societies)...lets take an example, stated in most religions 'treat people nicely and with respect' or 'treat people the way you want to be treated'...
This is one of the values that each one of us share regardless of our religions or races.

and we did talked about Hijab in islamic countries and why cant people wear bikini in the muslim countries ... (which later they sum up that u'll be chased out of the countries if u wear Bikinis!) Well, this is not a conclusion O people! This is accusation! Then, i say, think rationally, when u come to the muslim countries, u dont wear bikinis or watsoever there because you have to respect their values, it's not that they will kill you or somethg.Glad they said Yes.. fuhh! well this is exactly not a good explanation. Think critically ain!

Another thing, well i think being a conservative radical country is the best! keeping existed values and morality among the people and cautiously accept a change are very appealing to me. meaning to say, in my opinion, this is the best way to achieve a good government and maintain harmony in a country. Take examples such as Uk, Australia or even Malaysia itself. We do embrace changes, however cautiously, for a positive progression of the people and the country! XD

p/s bad english used for this post due to undue influences from bed and it looks really appealing too... zzz
bye !

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