Friday, May 21, 2010

Self preparations O yeah!

Aloha my lovely blog, sorry i've left you to rot, I was busy and working hardly.
...and hardly working =) ...haha

Hye again people, let's get started. Last Sunday at about 7 in the morning, my AirAsia X plane landed smoothly in Gold Coast. Well, i dont think i should describe how 'comfortable' i was in the plane since i'm paying for a low fare plane ticket (there goes with the services, foods, facilities etc...i'm being ungrateful here lol) But overall, thank God i arrived here safely to start a new chapter of life as a student and a learner.

Ever since i'm living here in Gold Coast, i have always think that Gold Coast is a nice place to live or even yes, to visit. It has almost everything here. The Sun, the coldness and the beauty of nature.
So, lectures started in the next day, Monday with the COntemporary issue in Law and SOciety lecture in the morning, Tuesday i was free since no tutorials scheduled in the first week, Wednesday i had 1 lecture and Thursdays, i had 2 lectures and 1 tute.

Glad to say, i am happy to be in those lectures and tute because i love the lecturers and the stuffs we will have to study later in these courses.
I bought 3 textbooks for 2 subjects and tomorrow, will hardly trying to find another one for the Law of Obligation.

Don't worry i have not started to read these books thoroughly because i do not really have the time. But don't get me started cause i really like this shit X) Say good luck to me reading it!

Tortious Liability with Jo. Heard Jo is a strict marker. Glad i'm not in your class Jo. But i'm with Richard and i know him very well and he's a strict marker also so i bet i could not run away from these kinda people XD

CRIM A with Suzie. Suzie please be nice to me.. like really!

I also bought notebook for writing things i heard or discussed in tutes.

Well that is some sort of what happened this week and will keep in touch with you in the coming weeks...i Hope so coz i am freaking busy XD

Orait, that's all for this post. More to come. Thanks. Bye

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