Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Israeli-Palestine Issue - in brief

I have been searching for videos that could briefly explained what was and is happening in the most geopolitically unstable region of the world, the Israeli-Palestinian part of the world. I like the Jewish attitude more, they are "never to forgive, never to forget" So many dead, so much destruction have happened. Know the history, understand the pain, then you will realise that this is your problem too.
Norman Finkelstein, he is a Jewish from America yet he takes his side to support the rights of the Palestinians. He fights for their rights and often lead his way by asking a reasonable and sensible question which is "if we accept the legitimacy of the Israeli state, why dont we accord to the same standard that we put to that to accept the legitimacy of the Palestinians' rights/state?"

So pleaseee watch his videos. Quite long but they are very interesting. I could type out his points but i'm a big fan of great speakers. I love to hear his speech. Try to listen to some other videos, they are great! :)

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