Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Equity; not equality.


I believe and i have seen people fighting for equality, for example the feminist. Equity suggests fairness and just treatment while equality suggests equal treatment. Understand the difference. To be honest, in my personal opinion, equity sits at a higher rank of justice than equality.

A very simple example can be illustrated to suggest their difference. I have a sister who is 12 years old while i myself is 22. Being equal means my abah (dad) has to buy the same baju kurung (or tee shirt) of either my size or my sister’s size for both of us which would then fit only one of us. If the shirts was in my size, my sister wont look good in it and she wouldnt be able to wear it because it’s just too big for her. If the shirts were in her size, i would not be able to wear it. Say if i wear it, i WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO properly cover my aurah and my body. It will be just too small for me. Besides that, it will create wastage to the economy as well as to our natural resources to produce clothes that are really not according to our size and our needs. Most importantly, in this situation, my abah is not being fair to me or my sister if any of this happen.

Similarly, in the situation of feminism or any other so-called equality boost idea. I am not saying that i do not support some of them, but really i support some that are really fighting for equity (just and fairness). Mind that i am a Muslim, i trust what the Muslims have in our religion are PERFECT. If we really do practice Islam in our life, we can see that women are liberated, children are cherished, animals are protected and men are free etc

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