Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I failed myself again and again.

Keep doing things i hate most

I am fragile to listen to all those nonsence

I feel weak, i feel dumb

I am not who i am

or maybe i am this dumb

I have alot to do

yet i fail to obey my own time rules

i feel insecure

i feel incompetent

i cant handle you.

Dont come near me or ill hurt you

coz im the stupidest girl u will know the truth

its just myself learning my own stupidity

yet i am the one who is badly hurt inside, not you.

I live in courage and fear

both can change at a sec

worldly matters scare me to the bottom

because i am fragile i told you

I dont want him or him nor i want you

You are wonderful u deserve the girl, i dont know who

but surely she is better with Lord thus she is better for you

le most complicated girl on earth, thats me.

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