Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lil' consideration makes a difference

Currently i'm reading a motivational book called Life is an Open Secret by Zabrina A. Bakar. Its more to learning good values and the way we should lead our life in Islam. It covers not only from Islamic perspectives represented by Islamic scholars, but with many opinions from other religions.

Let me share one poem written by a lil' girl in the Recipe of Life,

Fold two hands together, and express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight, and work on it tomorrow
Chop one grudge in tiny pieces, add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized milk, mix with the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you, by doing a good deed
Cut it and help your friend, if he/she should be in need
Stir in laughter, love and kindness, from the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness, and give your friends some!
The amount of people served, will depend on you
It can serve the whole world, if you really want it to!

It is a beautiful poem and seriously i cant create such a good poem myself.

well this sort of what i want to write for today

see ya later
bye =)

I'm in malaysia by the way!

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