Sunday, April 11, 2010


yesterday i went shopping with atiqah at Harbour town, the shopping adventure.
seems like so adventurous and it is Reallly Adventurous.
i bought souvenirs for my family in Malaysia ;)
eh have i told you? i"m going back to malaysia next week friday.... feel so excited. this is the best feeling ever!
Despite feeling excited for the exams, starting this friday, 1 thg that make me happy most is this one! ;)
mom and dad, i really miss u.
um,.. anyway, i spent about 300 dollars for all.
it was quite expensive and i ended up having no money and now i'm BROKE!
Help is really needed! but i'm happy :)

this is the exam schedule:
Friday 16/4/10 Contract law
MOnday 19/4/10 Comm skills
Thursday 22/4/10 Legal system

WIsh me luck! thanks and BYe!'
I'm going to college now...

AInn... STudy !

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