Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohh Life

Aloha! oh this is just a bit updates from me (:

I've just finish exams few days ago, so ill be writing and updating my blog from time to time during the holidays, promise myself as well as promise some of you who are asking for updates from me.

Firstly, Ramadan Al-mubarak! happy fasting everyone (:
Secondly, its Ramadan and yeah, i'm here stuck in Gold coast, not going back to malaysia. nak raya di perantauan.
Thirdly, for God-sake, i'm homesick! Ma and Abah,my lovely and gorgeous siblings, i love you and miss you so MUCHHH.
Fourthly, still thinking. haha

ill update my readings, notes, stories etc,,,later!

Bye (:

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