Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yes i miss you too :)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
i'm counting the days that i can finally see you!


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  2. You! :)

    this is just a random posting lah sayang. well yes i thought about some of my taylorian friends but this posting mmg purposely dibuat utk semua orang, sbb saya rindu semua oranggg =)))

    saya sayang kamoo

  3. when are you gonna see that person? :P

  4. Xellos Yunho: sapa yang you have on your mind sekarang huh? :) well kinda like that person dah tak mau see me skrg :( so pathetic kann this life. i wish i can run very fast and shout to that person "when are you gonna see me?!"

    hahah kidding. I want to see you first my dear

  5. in my mind? a few people.not important.
    you are not kidding lol but anyways if God permits u can always meet that person..

  6. insyaallah insyallah may God permits me to see that person at least once in my life. or even if we are not meant to see each other, i wish that that person will have a good life and His blessings.

    saya rindu kamooo nabila :) God blessed kau!