Sunday, March 28, 2010

I miss home

Yesterday i am very happy because there is this one Malaysian man fetched us to Aldi supermarket. His name is Anwardeen (i will talk more about him in a later post).
I went there with my friends Atiqa and Amira. It was such a nice time to spend together ;) The purpose we went there was to do a lil' bit shopping in the Asian Groceries. but seriously, since its a chinese grocery shop, as chinese from China, i am always have something in my mind says 'hey! be careful of their products' i guess u know why if u are somewhat listened to the news. But that doesnt mean i am not doing shopping there lol.

But as i was walking and looking around for things to buy, i realised how i miss my family so much, how i miss HOME. doing groceries with mom, dad and my younger sisters and brother was really fun! Every time we went shopping mom and dad will buy something for us such as ice cream etc.. we did not overspent but just enough for my big family ;)

To mom and dad, i Love you so much, and i Miss you a lot. God bless you for raising such a naughty daughter like me and i'm sorry because i have to study oversea.
To my sisters and brothers, i miss u guys so much and i love u guys a lot. Akak ain will return Home when kak ain achieved success.. U guys have to study hard and smart and make our beloved super cute parents proud of us!

To my brother abg Faiz, only God knows how i love u, please return HOme when u are ready and may God saves you from bad things, really
To my sister Huda, i hope you will return Home, though you are Home, when you realise that life is not just about that. Everybody miss you.
To my brother abg In, may God gives you the best Jodoh and u'll live happily ever after.

Ameen Ya Rabbal A'lamin..

I dedicated the song Home by Michael Buble for every one of you in Home ;)

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