Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its thursday

I called it a day

i'm strong! well, about 2 weeks ago, we had to write an essay about 1200 words. enough to say that i was really putting lots of effort and attention to the essay. just now, i've just received my mark. believe it or not, i only got 65 out of 100. i heard in my class, average of us only get around 70-75. but knowing the fact that i only get 65 is really really disappointing.

well i know that i'm seriously not a good writer ;) as well as i'm not a fast learner but at least please give me something more than that..

listening to her advices, i knew that it was my problem and i could understand the reasons she gave me such a mark :(
( and i know that tonight will be a night to recover, but i'm not going to do something stupid as to waste my precious time )

have to start revising tutes week 3 and 4 for contractual liability. tomorrow i have discussions.
wish me luck ;)

i'll see ya then. bye

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