Friday, March 26, 2010

Professional Silly Girl

Hye =)
about 2 weeks ago, i had some conversations with my brother. (probably later you will realise that i talk about my brother a lot. i'm very close to him rather than my sis)..

i talked to him about my life as being a law student. i'm taking 4 subjects (contract, als, communications and reasoning skills)
well.. for law subjects, i have to memorize and read many case laws and statutes. last nite, as i was a case(which malaysian is one of the parties), its called Teoh's case. i guess law students should know about the case, its a very long case and i get tired reading it. It just hate the language the judges used in the case. It is very complicated and boring a traditional and old-fashioned way of writing.

the function of law is to ensure social cohesion among the people in which the laws upheld and to ensure positive progression of the people.
that is why i wonder why are the people backdays used such way of writing to write rules and regulations. Rules and regulations should be understandable so that people can follow them exactly like the way they are written. Is it too hard to write simple things to avoid contradictions and misunderstanding?

well, i guess this question is to be asked to the judges and whoever, sitting on the bench who decided the matter.
luckily, things are getting better and writing is made easier by simple and objective words and writing styles. I'm glad and thank God for this. It makes my study even much much convenient.
Also, people can NOW understand the laws ;)

Till then, bye ;)

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