Sunday, March 28, 2010

A reflection

Good nite ;) Assalamualaikum
Just now, suddenly, the memory when i first left my family came to my mind again. Everytime i think about this, this small heart feel very sad. but the sadness does not make me feel even sadder, but more stronger. oh God, how i miss my family so much.

I never leave my family for such a long time before this, and now its almost 3 months already. I wonder from which part of my heart i saves the strength and I know that You lend me the strength. In KLIA that day, the last sight i had before i entered the plane will always stay in my mind. Forever. (oh.. tears falling from my eyes)

Let me just share some moments which the camera can catch...
For u there, i know someday u'll be in the same situation like i had.
be strong and cry when u need to.

bye assalamualaikum ;)

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